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LightxL- Misa's heartbreak Ch.1

This is my first LightxL fanfiction I give credit to yamiyuki1 for this awesome idea~!!!

Sorry but in this there will be no lemon really sorry. It's just this kind of centered on how Light broke misa's heart.

I just now decided this will be a series with like 4 or 5 chapters I know I have a lot to finish well...not a lot but first I'm going to finish Hetalia School then come back to this.

Well sorry for my ranting now on with the story~!!
L's P.O.V
The kira case is over now. I made it look like Light is innocent and some random criminal is kira but I didn't make it go public and I'm happy I got Light in the end. He's mine and I'm his. But that annoying blonde bimbo still doesn't know and acts like my light is hers. Even he is annoyed by her.
"Yes L?"
"I think we should tell her."
"What?! You know how she is!"
"I know! But the sooner we tell her the sooner she'll stop acting like you're hers when actually you're mine!!"
"'re jealous?"
"Oh but you are aren't you?"
"Admit it."
"...A little."
"No...I think more than a little so then admit it you're jealous~!!"
"Alright fine I'm jealous!"
"You don't have to be you're mine and I'm yours. So don't be jealous."
"Ok but let's tell her she gets on my nerves."
"Alright let's tell her." Then I called Watari to tell him to send misa to the office part of the kira investigation building. And 5 minutes later she arrived.
"Hello Misa." That pisses me off grabbing onto my Light but no matter he is mine not hers. She is so delusional but very soon she will face the truth.
"So Light-kun what did you call me up here for~?"
"Well misa I've wanting to tell you this for some time now."
"Well what is it?"
"Well the thing is-"
"Yeah but I don't know why Ryuzaki has to be here for this. Oh I know since he's such a pervert you're going to tell him that I'm yours and only yours~!?!"
"Well...misa no you're not mine and I'm not yours. Also I don't love you. I'm in with love someone else."
"Yes that's right I love someone else. I don't love you at all I never did and I never will."
"I love Ryuzaki."
"Yes indeed he does love me Ms. Amane."
"NO!!! He doesn't he's just confused he does not know what he's talking about!!"
"Misa I'm not confused I knew I was gay all along and I only used you during the kira case."
"No!! You just fell in love with your captor. You love me don't you?!!?"
"No I don't love you at all Misa!!"
"B-but light...why?"
"Ms. Amane just accept it Light-kun does not love you he loves me. Accept it he has never loved you at all and he never will. Besides there are hundreds of men out there that would love to be with you."
"NO!!!!! Light is the only one for me!!!"
"Misa I already told you I don't love you. I only love Ryuzaki and I always will love him."
"FINE!!! But one day you will be mine Light!!!!!!" And then she just walked to the door opened it and finally left.
"Well...I'm glad that's over. And that went "
"Yes indeed it is Light-kun I'm glad that annoying idiot is gone."
"Yeah I love you L and I always will."
"I love you too Light."

This is my first LightxL fanfiction but not my first death note fanfiction. My first death note fanfiction and first deviation ever is this: [link]

I hope you like it and please leave comment to tell me how it was~!! :iconsmilieplz:

And sorry I think I'm gonna make the SebastianxCiel- Last Moment Together sequel after I finish Hetalia School. ^^;

As it says at the top I give credit to :iconyamiyuki1: for the idea~!!! :iconeweplz:
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AVPMfreakify101 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
ooooh... I sense revenge in their future! :O but great chapter can't wait for more!!!!!! :D
hyperanimefan Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
AVPMfreakify101 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
lol nice
amethystaura Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012
Well Misa was destined for heartbreak. There'll be no lemons at all in all the chapters? :P just confirming. But if there are lemons I really hope Light will be the seme, seeing as you labelled this as LightxL :)
hyperanimefan Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
Well...there might be a lemon in one of the future chapters~!! ^^;
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